• Scoops The Clown

The Gauntlet 2

The Gauntlet 2 is among us. A yearly competition that we do here at Hellfire radio that is way more than a friendly competition. It is a marketing tool for bands unsigned or not to get noticed, be seen, and reach new audiences. It lets bands show off their talents and artistry in their music videos and lyric videos. Last year it came down to some of the best bands and had the likes of Amerikan Overdose, The Funeral Portrait, Seasons, Abstrakt, Left To Suffer, and many more with the final band standing being Left To Suffer from Atlanta, Ga. The Gauntlet 2 is getting ready to kick off with Gauntlet 1 winners Left To Suffer here to defend their title and gauntlet vets Seasons will also be returning. You will also see some new great bands entering suck as Kissing Candice, Cultist Black, A Killers Confession and many more. So lets get ready to rumble!