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Oooooh boy…who would’ve thought a flick with such a cheesy name would turn out to be so much fun. THE FUNHOUSE MASSACRE is the story of a group of crazed individuals, let loose from an asylum by the daughter of one of the inmates, and they hole up in a haunted funhouse posing as the attractions while slaughtering unsuspecting entrants. We don’t even waste much time as everyone escapes at the very beginning and our own favorite icon, Robert Englund, gets his screen time early on. What makes this film work is they nailed the tone on this one. It’s not played serious, in fact there is a light jovial mood throughout the whole thing. However, neither do we go overboard into annoying character cliches or dumb humor. We get light, smart humor. Additionally, the escaped patients all have a personality of their own with their signature backstory/trademark for what they are known for. Who would’ve thought Bob Rooney from NO MA’AM, and Al Bundy’s buddy, would’ve made such a great psychopath. We get clever humor, great kills, gore, and colorful characters. While it's not the first movie to show actual carnage in a haunted house mistaken for part of the attraction, it definitely is one of the better ones. The scene where the audience is running around trying to evade the psychopaths is as bananas as it gets. Would love to see another one in this universe, but I think it’d be hard to top. Check it out for a gory ride.

SLASH SCENE: Each villain’s backstory


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