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THE FLY 2 (1989)

How do you try and follow up one of the greatest and most gross-out flicks of the decade? You try and make it even bigger and more gory. Does THE FLY 2 succeed? Wellll…maybe sorta. We get the son of the original Gold-fly who is recruited by the company who financed the original fly’s research. The son ages at a rapid rate and it soon becomes obvious they only want him for study purposes when the eventual ‘transformation’ begins. Add in some Princess Vespa as a love interest to the original Marty McFly (original before Michael J. Fox), and we get a flick about a kid trying to save himself while also enacting revenge against cold scientists who seem to not have an ounce of humanity. The first flick worked because of the pairing of Goldblum/Davis…and we enjoyed seeing the Gold-fly go through the change and the effects/makeup it had on him. This one is less a mental transformation and more a physical/grotesque/revenge flick...with some gore and meansprited-ness along the way (eff that dog scene). For what it is….not the worst horror flick and not the best. Doesn’t compare to the first, but for a continuation and to see some of the most shuddering gore attacks of its year, you could do worse than fly to this one. Just don’t expect the same as the original go-round.

SLASH SCENE: Acid in the face


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