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THE FLY (1986)

The 80s versions of THE FLY and The Thing share a lot in common; both remakes of older films from the 50s, both change up the narrative, both improve on the creative cast, and both are probably the apex of the entire franchise. The Fly takes everyone’s favorite scientist Jeff Goldblum and sees him doing research with teleportation pods. After doing the research thing and thinking the coast is clear, we know what happens when he decides it’s finally safe to try and transport himself. One of those pesky houseflys ends up along for the ride changing the outcome where he’ll eventually transform into a gigantic version of one. Where this version differs from the 50s version is we don’t get traditional horror with a fly and human face swapping bodies with the human body/flyface walking around terrorizing people. This is psychological body horror where our main guy spends the duration trying to stay sane while going through the horror of an unknown transformation. Goldblum definitely shows his acting chops and paired with kick-ass makeup and effects, sells the entire story. This only gets grosser as the movie goes on and that’s a compliment. While there are certainly metaphors to be grasped in this if you really look for it, it also works as just an updated flick from decades earlier that's modernized to fit the times. A sequel to this would come out a couple years later to try and capitalize on the success but this would always be the superior outing. This is straight 80s full-on splatter and messy horror for the top of the Cronenberg era. Revisit this one, just don’t eat during.

SLASH SCENE: Arm wrestling


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