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THE FINAL (2010)

Revenge horror is an acquired taste for some...those that like the more fantastical and SFX side of horror may not lean to much into revenge horror as often times its just a smidge beneath torture porn...realistic portrayals of revenge and craziness gone awry...not that this has to be negative but it's gotta be your cup of tea and coffee. THE FINAL concerns a group of outcasts who enact revenge on their tormentors by throwing a party out in the woods and drugging them so when they wake up they are all tied up and have to go through some motions to atone for their high school bullying ways. There are some original ideas, think of a Saw/Would You Rather - mash up but set in high school. While there are some brutal ways the unlikeable bullies get what's coming to them, how everything is resolved in the end may rub some folks the wrong way...just a tad tooooo convenient potentially. However, if seeing some high school jackasses get what's coming to them is your thing, then there are worse exams to take then this final one.

SLASH SCENE: The fingers


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