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The fallout of a local legend

Moving to Omaha a few years ago, i quickly realized there was a flourishing pool of local talent here in all forms of music. Our first appearance in the local scene here was with a rap/ hip hop group called Abstrakt. I was never much into hip hop until i seen these guys. They were not afraid to experiment with different musical elements and could pull a great song outta their ass from nothing. They were constantly playing local and even national shows. Hell they even made it to the stage at the gathering of the juggalos. Pretty fucking impresive for a local hip hop group out of Omaha, Nebraska. But they were THAT GOOD. Not only musically but pulled out all of the stops during a live performance. Those live performances are what made you realize that these guys were something special. But unfortunately all good things eventually come to an end, which their final show was at our charity concert back in January. Still i jam their shit daily and secretly wish they would make a great return. This goes to say, you never know what type of bad ass music you can find in your own back yard. When all this pandemic shit is over, go out and occupy a local venue and support your local bands, you never know, you may be witness to the birth of a legend. All big bands started somewhere and that somewhere was local. So take this article and the story of Abstrakt to heart and support your town!

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