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The 90s teen horror craze definitely had its share of entertaining ones. Personally, next to the 80s slasher craze, I’d put the 90s craze up there right next to it in terms of not necessarily scary, but just sheer entertainment. THE FACULTY is definitely an obvious The Thing/Scream clone but it works so well. An alien invasion has come to a small town, more specifically a school, and a cast of various personalities have to figure out what’s going on before it’s too late. I mean, say what you will about the cast, but next to Can’t Hardly Wait, have we ever seen a more random yet eclectic cast of Frodo, Mia Toretto, Almost-Superman (Josh Hartnett), 90s recluse Clea DuVall, and the T-1000 himself? All entertaining and the mystery is kept throughout the entire thing. The right amount of humor, paired with not too gory scenes, and we get a fine entry in the 90s teen craze. The only knock was these flicks weren’t so much scary or gory...just fun. Which is fine enough for me.

SLASH SCENE: Teacher in the shower


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