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The Devil's Rejects (2005)

After reviewing his first effort, (see here), we take a look at what many Zombie fans consider one of, if not his best, work. THE DEVILS REJECTS picks up where we last left with ‘Corpses;’ the police are zeroing in on the Firefly family and the survivors of a shootout have to hit the road to escape and determine their next endeavors. We have the trio of Otis, Baby, and of course Spaulding and along the way hapless victims will fall prey to these maniacs. The biggest difference between this and and its predecessor is this one is more rooted in a gritty, realistic, road trip that eliminates any sort of fantasy/Dr. Satan elements the first one had. We get a straightforward horror/thriller instead of a horror/fantasy/slasher and for the most part it works. The script is tighter this time around with the characters reeling in a bit and less of the over-the-top-filler we got previously. We still have some dark humor moments that actually works with the character’s personalities and some may even root for them over the good guys. Speaking of which, Sheriff Wydell, played by legend William Forsythe, is the brother of a slain officer from the first and it might be one of his better underrated roles he’s done. Since there can’t be a Dick Tracy 2 with Flattop returning, settling for a Sheriff Wydell role is the next best thing. If you’re a fan of road/western/horror thrillers, this one is up your alley. The humor isn’t for everyone…but the personalities of the trio themselves might make up for it. But don't miss the movie critic scene...fucking hilarious.

SLASH SCENE: The movie critic


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