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The Demon Of Hip Hop

One name. Tom Macdonald. This is hands down one of my favorite musicians right now. But to the rest of the world, one of the most hated. A rapper known for speaking the raw truth on real topics. No drugs, glitz, and glamour. Lyrically it comes from the soul, rather its offensive to some or not, he is going to speak his mind. He puts the raw emotion out there on a golden platter and to me, you have to respect that. Rather you like what he is saying or not, you cant help to be completely captivated. His new song " i hate hip hop" spares no one in the hip hop community. He calls it as he sees it, calls them out on the the same generic bullshit that alot of the mainstream hip hop artists keep kicking out. And hes right. Somewhere in time, the OG rappers like 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Dre, and others were almost forgotten. Their brand of hip hop became the new underground and now its a take over of all this sound cloud mumble rap bullshit. The music industry needs guys like Tom. He challenged them, he stood up to them, and went d.i.y. and he succeeded. He had everything weighing against him and he beat the odds. To me that again gains alot of respect. Doing things on your own, and succeeding in the music business, you gotta be doing something right. Keep doing your thing Tom, we here at Hellfire Radio fully support you! You can catch his video i hate hip hop here ( ) Check him out on Facebook and support!

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