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THE CROW (1994)

The classic that we all know and love…yes it’s a revenge flick but it’s a revenge flick done with style…it’s the one and only THE CROW. For the unfortunately uninformed, The Crow is based on the same-titled comic book and concerns a musician, Eric Draven, who along with his fiancée is brutally murdered. He comes back to life and is guided by…a crow….to enact revenge on those who wronged him and her. Revenge flicks have been around since the dawn on time…even those with a supernatural-ish theme. We don’t really know why he comes back to life…other than to dole out some vigilante street justice to those who deserve it. However, aside from the stylistic visuals we get from being comic-book based and the wacky villains cut from a comic’s page…is the literal life defining performance of Brandon Lee. The accident that happened during filming will always be tragic…and only compliments the stellar performance Lee puts to screen. Instead of just full-on crazed revenge lunatic, we get a layered confused, angry, dark, and vindictive victim all rolled up in one. Lifted up even more by a great supporting cast…and soundtrack, The Crow is iconic for too many reasons. Worth another rewatch.

SLASH SCENE: Jumping across rooftops


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