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The Carnival Horror Show

We met Raven Black in the very beginning of our career. And yes being our friends this is still a very true and unbiased opinion of the band. They are the REAL deal. Their brand of metal is infectious. Far before i met them and far before i was Scoops The Clown i was sitting out at my mothers pool in South Carolina listening to Pandora when the song twinkle, twinkle little scars came on. I was instantly hooked. They had very quickly became one of my favorite bands, just as fate had it, became great friends of ours. Their music is everything you could want in metal not to mention completely different and in its own realm. A lot of bands come out trying to immolate other bands and often start to sound just like them, but not Raven Black. As there are trend setter bands out there, Raven Black is no Trend Setter, they are in an entire league of their own. Out of everything they have ever put out, i can not honestly say that there is anything that i don't love. Not to mention besides their immaculate records, their live performances are probably one of the best that you will ever see. And the proof is there, the tours they have been invited on says it all. Devildriver, Jinger, Cradle of FIlt, Wednesday13, StaticX, and not to mention the festivals they are doing big shit and show no signs of slowing down. If you are not familiar with them you need to be and you can catch one of their latest videos here ( ) Do yourself a favor, go watch, like their facebook page, and get to know this band.

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