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THE BURBS (1989)

Horror-comedy is prob the trickiest genre of horror to get right…not only do you need some tone to lighten the mood but you go too far, you border on parody (cough, cough Victor Crowley). THE BURBS is def a movie that wouldn’t be made today…if only because it’s a very subtle, light comedy that newbies today prob wouldn’t have the patience for…and it’s a damn shame. For every hilarious moment, there’s an equally terrifying or creepy moment (dream sequence anyone?) A trio of suburbanites suspect their new neighbors are up to no good…commence sneaking around, digging up backyards, digging through trash, and hopping over fences. Tom Hanks is on top of his 80s game and both his buddies are perfectly cast. In fact, it doesn't get more 80s than Princess Leia, the Feldster, Hanks, and Dick Miller as the trashman. We get the are-they-or-aren’t-they mystery about whether the neighbors are indeed on the other side of good intentions and the mystery keeps you engaged as much as the main trio’s antics. Always great to revisit this neighborhood.

SLASH SCENE: Taking trash out at night.


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