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The Blob (1988)

Many horror remakes are usually extremely great or piss-poor...not many in between. Like The Thing, THE BLOB is a remake of an oldies classic that improves and modernizes in almost every way possible. The titled creature is some sort of gelatin menace that feeds off almost anything living and grows in size. We have Kevin Dillon (who should’ve been in more horror) and a pre-Saw Shawnee Smith having to figure out what this behemoth creature is and why/how a cover up may be happening. The key thing people will remember from this flick is the terrific special effects. When you see people get sucked up in this giant ooze and body parts rolling around while the slime bounces down the street or oozes through the movie theatre in the climax…that’s hard to top. I think they played the tone correct in this ridiculous a premise it is, it’s played very straight which makes for a more effective horror…instead of a parody. If you like giant…things eating people…this one is great. Check it out. Johnny Drama before Entourage...

SLASH SCENE: Body seen outside phone booth


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