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The Black Keys - Going Down South

Indie/Alternative/Blues/Garage/Psychedelic rock/Hard rock group The Black Keys dropped a new single yesterday titled "Going Down South" off of their "Delta Kream" album that comes out on May 14th. This is a cover of a song from the late 90s by R.L. Burnside. I enjoyed this song a lot! It's pretty mellow, but still rockin'. The vocals are a bit different than what I'm used to hearing from them, they're much higher, almost a falsetto type voice. This song also definitely has a bit of a southern bluesy type vibe to it, which I definitely enjoy. I honestly like this version a lot more than the original. I love how so far it sounds like they're going back to their rock roots. This sounds so much more like their old stuff, and I'm all about it. I'm really looking forward to "Delta Kream"! ~Gangis

Photocredit: Promo image for "Goin' Down South" by The Black Keys.

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