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The Black Dahlia Murder sells out Los Angeles

Melodic death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder released their ninth album Verminous on April 2020. The ongoing pandemic has been difficult for everyone, especially bands that rely on tours. Things seem to be calming down a bit, enough for a lot of bands to announce tours for later this year and next. TBDM announced their tour in support of their newest album. The choice of venue for Los Angeles was the Belasco. Metal heads were so excited to have shows again that the show sold out in a few days. A sold out show in Los Angeles always means a great show. This stacked line included Undeath, Rivers of Nihil, Carnifex and After the Burial. Los Angeles was more than ready to come back out and mosh! The venue was packed and ready as the lights went out. The sold out crowd cheered s the members of TBDM made their way to the stage and kicked off their show with I Will Return. To no surprise, the fans started moshing and shoving. For the next song, TBDM gave fans a taste of the newest album as they played the title and opening track of the newest album, Verminous. The crowd was wild the whole night as mosh pits were going o the whole night and of course, crowd surfers were plentiful too. The third song performed was the title track from their previous album Nightbringers which has easily become one of TBDM's best songs and a live staple. It seems no matter what song TBDM played, the fans welcomed it and either moshed to it or raised their horns and banged their heads. One of the more fun songs played was the fan-favorite Statutory Ape which featured a crew member coming out in an ape costume and messing with the band as well as greeting the fans up front. There was never a quiet moment during the performance as TBDM raged through classics like Everything Went Black, Kings of the Nightworld and their staple song, What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse. Sadly, it was time to wrap things up and TBDM ended their performance with Miasma. With that, TBDM said their goodbyes and of course, couldn't wait to come back to their dedicated LA fans.

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz

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