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The Backlot Murders 2002

This underrated gem from 2002 is a fun watch for times when you don't want to think too hard while watching a movie. It stars 4 well known actors no strangers to the horror genre.

Priscilla Barnes ( The Devils Rejects) portrays a manager for a struggling new rock band with ulterior motives. Charles Fleischer ( A Nightmare On Elm Street , Bad Dreams) as a sassy director Henry and his dog pumpkin, tasked to film the bands first rock video. Corey Haim ( The Lost Boys, Silver Bullet) as one of the band members. Ken Sagoes ( Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4) as one of the ill fated crew members.

The movie was shot on the Universal Studios backlot and features well known sets such as the Psycho House. The movie starts with the preparation leading up to the filming of the bands first video. That's when members of the band and filming crew are killed off one by one by a killer wearing an Elvis mask and smoking clove cigarettes. And if you don't know what a Columbian necktie is before this movie, you will find out.

This movie is a fun romp with plenty of sassy banter between Priscilla Barnes and Charles Fleischer. A lot of the critics hate this movie but they missed the point. It was made as a campy schlocky movie. If you're a fan of campy horror movies, you will definitely enjoy The Backlot Murders.

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