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The Album That Started It All...

Black Sabbath's first album "Black Sabbath" came out in 1970. 50 Years ago!!!! So of course I had to go back and give it a listen and write about it. This album had SUCH an impact on music. The album is known as the first heavy metal album. The first track is regarded as the first ever doom metal song. The beginning of Ozzy and Iomi.

But enough about that. Does this album still sound great, even with all the new stuff we have to listen to? Oh hell yeah. It's great! It's the perfect album to light up a joint and just chill out. I love that the beginning of the album has the sounds of a thunderstorm with church bells in the background. I feel like that's a great way to summarize this kind of music. Loud, thunderous, unpredictable, with some religious references. Who would've thought that the first heavy metal album would have a harmonica prevalently featured in one of the songs?? I sure wouldn't.

While everyone knows the songs "Black Sabbath" and "NIB", this album has some other great songs on it that a lot of people don't talk about very much. I absolutely love "hw Wizard". It's so catchy, has a fantastic bassline, and has some great lyrics. "Sleeping Village" also is an absolute masterpiece. It's without a doubt my favorite track on the album.

Whether you're a Sabbath fan or not, you've got to give this album credit for being the first heavy metal album. I personally adore this album and think it was very well done. ~Gangis

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