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Thalassic - Album Review

A couple days ago, folk metal band Ensiferum released their new album "Thalassic". The album starts off with an epic sounding instrumental piece that sounds like it should be in the soundtrack of a heroic battle. This goes into a heavier piece, "Rum, Women, Victory" which I previously mentioned in a review. This song is super heavy, and is everything you could possibly want in a folk metal song.This album is really just 50 minutes of folk metal badassery. I especially enjoyed "For Sirens" which is found three quarters of the way through. If you're put off by the whole "folk metal" thing, I definitely still recommend the last track, "Cold Northland" which is the heaviest song. This album comes together very cohesively, each song featuring their viking theme, which is on point. Parts of this album sounds like if you took Ronnie James Dio and threw him on a wolfheaded ship of Nordic warriors going off to battle. It's just so good! I love it! ~Gangis

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