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When you make a movie that's one of the most terrifying and original flicks of its day and want to follow that up with another entry, do you go for more of the same? Mix up the tone? TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 introduced Moseley's Chop Top to the world and is an icon in horror as much as Leatherface is. When a radio DJ, new girl 'Stretch,' is called by two guys being pursued by Leatherface and this tape is broadcasted over the air, trouble starts when Chop Top visits the radio station as no one likes to be famous, or infamous, for having dastardly deeds heard round the world. Meanwhile, the always awesome Dennis Hopper is uncle to two of the original victims in the first film who's been looking into their disappearance ever since and following leads and stories of chainsaw killings across the state. Eventually worlds collide and both of these characters meet up in the new underground lair where the family, including Leatherface resides. Though this entry is often mocked, or loved, for being a parody, it still resonates as much as a horror film as almost any other 80s flick out there. Though a lot more colorful and relaxed then the first entry, still enough gore and crazy moments to satisfy most purists out there. Though Chop Top provides dark comedy and the colorful and wacky sets provide more of a breathing atmosphere then the dingy and dirty fields and farmhouse of the first, calling this a parody is a bit tooooo extreme. Dark comedic horror? Gruesome lighter horror? Perhaps those would be more accurate. Either way, this one still reigns a classic and is required viewing to see for yourself a type of film that is a product of its time. I mean, King Koopa himself wielding a chainsaw battle with Leatherface? Worthy of an award for that alone.



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