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Talk about using a ‘different’ sort of plot for a horror flick; instead of the mystery of ‘who’ the killer is, this one is all about ‘where’ he is. TERROR TRAIN is another classic from scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis from the early 80s; basically after a prank gone wrong, the unfortunate victim boards a costume party on a train with his classmates to exact revenge. The fun though is although the movie alludes to the victim of the prank out for revenge; since this is a costume party we don’t know which outfit and costume the killer is until he strikes next. This makes for a fun atmosphere of donning disguises; donning disguises of people that are done away with and adds to the claustrophic feeling of being on a train with little to place to go. A fun side plot is a magician (the real David Copperfield) who does shows for the class and is entertaining enough on camera. He had a decent screen presence when he was younger; shame he didn’t do more movies. For a fun 80s slasher that takes advantage of the atmosphere and costume-guessing, this train should do the trick. The magic scenes will make you wonder how they pulled that off during filming too.



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