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You can’t be a horror fan these last few years and not hear of Art the Clown. And if you haven’t, then surely you’re at least familiar with TERRIFIER…the flick which showcases Art in all of his/its glory. Though this now iconic clown made its debut in an earlier flick, All Hallow’s Eve, it’s Terrifier that has Art front and center to do all its dastardly deeds. Just calling this a killer clown flick would be too simple. This is a flick where several youngsters are stalked, creeped out by, ‘terrorized’ and ultimately slayed in grotesque and awesome ways. Just the diner scene alone amps the tension up to 11 where you know something is coming but it makes you wait for it. While this is another ‘one person killer’ show we have which is common for the genre, what sets this apart is the low budget, grimy, pulls-no-punches dirty look a lot of scenes have, and it works in its favor. The atmosphere wouldn’t have worked nearly as well with a polished look and how it was shot pays off in the end. Not to mention we get one of the most glorious and unique kills we’ve seen in awhile which is now horror legend. If you like either your clowns or your raving lunatics, check this one out. Terrify yourself into a good time.

SLASH SCENE: You know...


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