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Tanzwut - DIE TANZWUT KEHRT ZURÜCK (Album Review)

Neue deutsche härte / medieval metal band Tanzwut released their "Die Tanzwut Kehrt Zurück" album last week. I've been waiting for this one since they dropped the first single back in January, and it definitely did not disappoint. This album is so well done. All the songs are absolutely fantastic, and they also put them in an order that works really well. The couple of singles they put out that were ballads I wasn't as huge on when I first heard them, but now I love them as much as the heavier songs. "Johann" really stood out because it has a lot more of an emphasis on electronic sounds and the guitars are only in the background, and it almost has a club type beat. "Schwarze Löcher" is another really cool one that I thought stood out. It has a lot of bagpipes and stringed instruments, especially in the beginning, which really showcased the medieval part of their sound. It also has some female backing vocals, which I thought was a really nice touch. The final track, "Virus" is interesting, it has some effects to make the vocals sound like an old recording in some parts, what sounds like a harpsichord, and also some chorus-like sounds to some of the vocals. My favorite track is still the title track, the first single that they released. It's just such a bad ass song, and I absolutely love it. This whole album is great though, and I am definitely going to be listening to it many times. I highly recommend this one. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Album cover for "DIE TANZWUT KEHRT ZURÜCK" by Tanzwut on NoCut Entertainment.

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