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Tanzwut - Die Geister die wir riefen

Neue Deutsche Härte/Medieval metal band Tanzwut dropped another single today off of their upcoming "Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück" album that's coming out on May 28th. This is a really neat song. I think it's a ballad? The instruments sound very soft and melodic. The vocals though are surprisingly harsh, though also whispery and almost like he's telling a story. I love the evil laugh. Whatever this song is, I really like it. The music video is really different, it's a 360 degree video, which is something I've never seen a band do before. It shows their singer and some skeletons and if you scroll far down enough you get a fiery Tanzwut logo, it's really cool. They have such a unique sound, that I just can't get enough of. "Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück" is really shaping up to be a special album that I can't wait to experience. ~Gangis

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