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Swamp Golem by Bog Wizard

I just stumbled across the band Bog Wizard, which is a Michigan based, fantasy themed, doom metal band. Holy shit. I might have to play their music next time I'm running a Dungeons and Dragons session. I'm going to focus on the single Swamp Golem which is off their album From the Mire that was released earlier this month. This song has it all. Deep sludgy guitar and bass lines, a sound effect in the background that sounds like clinking chains, vocals that sound like they came from the pits of hell, and a weird super trippy breakdown in the middle. It's fantastic! I'm pretty sure I've never seen a metal band with a eight stringed guitar, but its played very well. Not a lot of bands can pull off a ten minute song without it getting stale, but I enjoyed every second of it. I'm definitely going to be listening to a lot more of these guys. Go check them out! ~Gangis

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