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Straight to My Feet - Deion Sanders/MC Hammer

Nothing says 90s obscurity like Jean-Claude Van Damme. Add in Hammer and Deion, along with Van Damme break dancing and you have the epitome of 90s hidden gems. The underrated Street Fighter of the 90s was so-bad-it's-good (others still say it was so-bad-it's-bad), but the soundtrack is classic hip/hop and bonkers that comes together with pieces seemingly from a random bingo card. Van Damme, people dressed in Street Fighter costumes, Kylie Minogue, Leatherface (from the 2000s remake, same actor plays Zangief) and of course MC Hammer. If you can bypass the cheesy lyrics, the music itself will gives a reason for this nostalgic piece to exist. Give it a shot.

Listen here:

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