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If you recognize any of the references in STAY TUNED, then consider your childhood awesome. This is a tale, more dark comedy with a tinge of horror, that to this day I feel is underrated. The always glorious and late John Ritter plays a tv-aholic and his wife, Mork’s better half, get sucked into a TV world controlled by Principal Rooney and have 24 hours to escape before being stuck forever. Sound crazy? Because it is! We get snippets of TV and movie parodies ranging from ‘Duane’s Underworld’ (Wayne’s World Parody), ‘Northern Overexposure,’ commercials laughing at all those midnight fitness showcases, and even a ‘cartoonized’ version of the main couple. While this is certainly played for laughs, don’t forget the creepy gameshow, train, and hungry dogs which allow for plenty of moments of suspense. This is horror in the same vein as The Burbs…won’t quite keep you up at night but enough weird moments mixed in with comedy to give a good balance. Check this one out for pure 90s nostalgia…and to see what an alternate Wayne’s World might look like.

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