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What happened to giant bug films that were this fun? STARSHIP TROOPERS was based on the same-titled novel by Robert Heinlein…but it’d be a challenge to find the same tone and main narrative in the book that they adopted to the big screen. Here, we get Paul ‘Robocop/Basic Instinct’ Verhoeven to bring this tale to the big screen…in only a way that he can. Johnny Rico enlists in the futuristic version of the Army (infantry) to help ward off gigantic bug attacks after Charlie Sheen's ex-wife decides to enlist to be a pilot. Along the way we get Jake Busey, Barney Stinson, and some others to make the journey fun. While the ending is a bit abrupt and might be a cliffhanger to some, before we get there we are treated to Robocop-ish satire, great gory kills, and even some amusing boot camp scenes. The effects still hold up even almost 25 years later with several scenes of all-out war between man and bug. Though is a longer movie than average, it doesn't feel like a chore. Briskly paced and fun scenes between boot camp, invasions, and character interactions elevate this one to the top of its genre. Anyone remember the awesome trailer with Song #2 by Blur? Sets up the whole flick by infusing that sort of energy. If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen this one, put it on for grins.



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