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Spell Of Dark - Ghost From The Past

Atmospheric/melancholic black metal band Spell Of Dark released a new album last week titled "Ghost From The Past". I enjoyed this album immensely! I love how they do their vocals. It's mostly whispers and softly spoken words, it's really cool and goes incredibly well with the instruments. The guitars and bass and everything sound kind of like a mixture between doom, goth, and punk types of sounds. One thing of note is that the guitar solos, while they are great and kick ass, they aren't distracting. Usually guitar solos really stand out and are attention grabbing, but they're just as chill and atmospheric as the rest of the music, which I really like. The intro of "I'll Save You, Forest" is especially great with the acoustic melody. "Summer of Hopes" is so sad sounding, and yet so beautiful. This band has such a cool sound. I love it! I definitely recommend checking this album out. It's perfect to have on in the background while you're working or while smoking a joint. ~Gangis

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