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Soup Dragons - Divine Thing

If someone were to give you this hit and mention beforehand it was popular from the Hellraiser franchise, you might not believe them after hearing this. Nothing about the upbeat tune, friendly lyrics, and pop vocals scream ‘Cenobite torture.’ But once you hear DIVINE THING, by the Soup Dragons, in the context of the movie itself, it actually makes sense. This is a tune from Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth that is playing in the club moments before Pinhead sucks up some poor woman’s soul in front of the sleazy nightclub owner. The nightclub scene sets the mood for sleazy, lustful 80s tunes with people dancing and then a few scenes later you get full Pinhead going crazy. Somehow it works, and you can’t help but think of the film when you hear the song on future playlists. Go in initially for some 80s cheesy love beats. Leave thinking of 80s horror. Your soul will thank you.

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