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Ohhhh the 80s slasher…I do love me some 80s slasher…half the time they don’t make sense and the other half of the time you can’t tell one apart from the next. However, the one thing they should all have in common…is cranking up the fun factor! And when I attend the SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE…I expect nothing less. So how does this ‘minor’ classic stack up? It starts off unique enough…with seemingly two parallel stories waiting to converge upon one another. One storyline sees our main heroine having visions and crazy dreams, with our second storyline following an escaped mental patient waiting to wreak more havoc. These stories do converge at the sorority house sleepover…where havoc does happen. Our main girl continues to see visions while her and her friends get chased around the house by a maniac once the party starts. The issue I had is it doesn’t add up to much. We get scenes reminiscent of Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and almost any other slasher out there. Also, for a title called the Sorority House Massacre, we get surprisingly little gore, little gratuitousness (giddy), and hardly any memorable characters. Not all 80s slashers will be…sharp…but being bland won’t do it any favors. If you’re a fan of the genre you’ve seen most, if not all, of this before. For a more wild and better party, attend the Slumber Party Massacre. Now that’s an 80s B classic in its own right.

SLASH SCENE: The escape out of the window with the ladder rope


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