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Welcome folks! Hellfire Entertainment Media is in the gaming biz! And for one of our first gaming reviews, we’ll be looking back at the original classic SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. I know, a million reviews about this has been written, how can anyone even attempt to bash Sonic, this is one of the best games ever, yada yada yada. But is it as good as you remember? The funny thing about looking back at old video games is it can be tough to judge a game for the time period it was in: obviously a game from the 90s won’t be nearly as graphically enhanced or complex as ones from the newer next-gen systems. Still, give me good gameplay and I’ll be happy. I’ll happily take Super Mario 3’s simple but addicting gameplay over a complex but disappointing Turok 3 (compared to the genius that came before with Turok 2: Seeds of Evil). So time period not-withstanding, if a title was made great for its time, AND it holds up today, then we have our criteria. Given this context, how does the original Sonic the Hedgehog hold up? Like most first entries, the gameplay is pretty basic, with the newer characters and signature moves being added later on. We all know Sonic’s familiar spin-dash, where after curling into a ball and charging up speed he ‘dashes’ forward against his enemies. How many remember this actually wasn’t added until SONIC 2? Yep, in the original, first entry (not including remakes) he only jumps and rolls; no spin-dash to attack his enemies. Also, each level has 3 acts; the later games for the Genesis only have two acts for levels. That means for a level you don’t like, have to slodge through an extra act to get to the end. Now Sonic is a classic; no one can deny that. But going through it again, the music, while catchy, had yet to breakout into the greater tunes we love. Also, the chaos emerald levels I found to not be as fun as the later games. Actually rather hated the ‘rotating screen’ stage for the emeralds. While this one definitely put Sega on the map, the first entry feels a bit more basic than the memory serves compared to the ones that came after. Still a classic in its own right; just have to get the intro stuff out of the way first.


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