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Solar Fake - It's Who You Are

German dance/electronic band Solar Fake dropped a new single the other day titled "It's Who You Are". This song comes off their new album "Enjoy Dystopia" that's being released on February 12th. I found this group when their frontman Sven Friedrich was featured in "Proud and Strong" by Scarlet Dorn a few weeks ago. I had loved Sven's voice and looked him up, so I was pleasantly surprised today when I found this new release. I enjoyed this song a lot. It has their usual melancholy gothic feel, with a great dance beat that makes me wanna hit the dancefloor. It's so good! I very much enjoyed the music video, which basically just showed the band members daily routines shot in artful ways. I thought it was a cool concept and fit really well. I really like this one, and I'm looking forward to the album release. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still shot from the music video for "It's Who You Are" by Solar Fake

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