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Softspoken Review


Good evening to all of you keeping up with us here on Hellfire Radio! Your resident music reviewer, Hellfire Brittany here with the first review of the week.I had the opportunity to check out Softspoken's new album Deaf Perception. This four piece progressive post-hardcore band from Kentucky makes music with the intention of inspiring thier listeners to embrace thier true selves. They have been sited saying "If you're soft-spoken, be soft-spoken; if you're outspoken, be outspoken. Do what makes you happy, and keep your mind well" The entire album is a testament to introspection and self acceptance.

Deaf Perception was recorded assistance from Matt Goldman, (known for working on albums by Underoath, As Cities Burn, and The Devil Wears Prada) and was released June 28th, 2019, everywhere. Everywhere that is with the exception of Spotify. Instead of releasing it all at once on this music streaming platform, they are taking a more episodic approach. This may seem odd, but it comes with an exciting surprise. Every month they are releasing a new song from Deaf Perception, adding it to a special playlist for those who choose to follow along. At the end of the year the playlist will consist of the entire album as well as Spotify exclusive content, so be sure to follow along. I can't wait to see what they have up there sleeve. Today, Black Rose was released on Spotify. If you caught the Monday Morning Mixdown, you have already heard how amazing it is, if not check it out. I'm certainly glad I did.

The tone of Deaf Perception is a hopeful one. Lyrically, it is almost liberating. As someone who has always tried to be steadfast in maintaining my authenticity despite how the world perceives me, it's a message I can get behind. Their vocalist has lent his voice to bring these lyrics to life. And what a voice that is. I love his sound and it was a big draw for me when I started listening. The delicate guitar patterns of "Echo" and the faster paced riffs in "Dissolve", both of which are maintained through the album, only pulled me in deeper. Coupled with the drummers exceptional skill and the wonderful bass line, I was hooked. They are not heavy by any means, but then there is nothing wrong with being a little soft-spoken.

If you like your music really heavy, this may not be for you. I try to keep an open mind with music, and while I love bands who utilize both cleans and gnarly screams, Deaf Perception wasn't a reach for me. It may not have had those screams I love, but what it did have in the instrumentals and the vocals proved more than enough. It is so smooth and I'm so happy I found it. They are incredibly talented and thier music is amazing. I tried to stick with the album, listening to it over and over, but eventually I got curious and looked in to the previous releases. Unsurprisingly, they were just as good. I know I will be following along with thier Spotify playlist and I hope you do too.

One last note for all of you who are following along with the reviews, be sure to get in your submissions and recommendations for next weeks Monday Morning Mixdown. Please send any submissions to Thank you to everyone who has been submitting music this week, I can't wait to hear it!

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