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Smells Like Children 25 Years

I'm gonna start off by saying that other than "I Put A Spell on You" and "Sweet Dreams", I'm completely unfamiliar with this Manson album. I didn't know it existed, and I've never heard anyone mention it. So I figured I'd check it out since it's 25 years old this year. It starts off with some weird trippy noises, like most of his albums.

"Diary of a Dope Fiend" is that like a different version of "Dope Hat"? It has some of the same lyrics. Cool song, just didn't expect to hear the same lines. This album has a lot of random dialogue and weird shit in it. Then we get "Sweet Dreams", which as everyone knows, is a fantastic song. It takes the original poppy song and makes it into a dark gothic anthem that literally everyone has heard.

The other really good song on here is "I Put a Spell on You", a cover of the Screaming Jay Hawkins classic. I absolutely love this one. It's got some great emotion in it, and is great to drive to. It's definitely my favorite cover Manson has done. It's just soooo good.

Otherwise, now I kind of understand why this album is seldom mentioned. It's mostly just weird sound effects, sex noises, dance remixes, Alvin and the Chipmunks?? and who knows what else. There's a few other songs, but they really aren't anything special. It's almost like the two cover songs were the main point and the rest is filler. Maybe he should have just released a couple singles or an EP? I dunno, it was ok to listen to, but it definitely is not my favorite Manson album. ~Gangis

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