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Smallz One - Neglected (Single Review)

This review is for one of the dopest female emcee's in the underground scene. She hails from the Lyrikal Snuff Productions (LSP) roster.... Smallz One! This review is about one of her latest singles off the "Process of Elimination" album dropped in 2020. The song "Neglected" really hits home with some powerful in your face lyrics that most can really relate to. Smallz has always had a way of making her music super relatable. The focus point of this song about haters and nay sayers doubting her and talking shit about her. I can say with this awesome track she has the last laugh. The chorus was amazing, the delivery was on point, the beat and the production was crisp. Overall this was an amazing single and video off this project. I really hope you guys will appreciate the gem I've placed before you...

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