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This is the epitome of every midnight cheesy 80s slasher out there…we don’t have a plot that makes sense, we don’t have deep character profiles; all we have is some slumber, some screaming, and some good ol cheesy kills and thrills. With a name like SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II, you should know what to expect. After the events of the first film, we have another group, plus survivor, get together to hang and then said massacre starts up again. However, this film is what we would get if Nightmare on Elm Street mated with a rock opera. In a fair world, our villain, the driller-killer, would be as known to horror fans as Freddy himself but alas that is not the case. Super goofy villain but entertaining but not nearly as known as he should be. He appears in dream sequences which result in real-world killings, seemingly, which then alternate back and forth. The problem is the rules aren’t really established as to what and how the driller killer appears and when and who sees what; it’s all made up as it goes. But as mentioned earlier, you don’t watch something like this for coherence. Rated on a scale for the type of movie it’s supposed to be…and everyone’s favorite musical number sequence. Don’t sleep on this one.

SLASH SCENE: Musical Dance Number


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