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Slimy ass perverted monsters from another world...

Again, everyone who knows me, knows i love Jeffrey Combs films and this is another one of his films that i love! From Beyond has a stellar cast starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, and Ken Foree which all three i love! Written by Brian Yuzna and directed by Stuart Gordon which i love those guys, they have a knack for bringing Lovecraft stories to life in an amazing fashion. This film is no different. Great practical effects, plenty of b rated gore for you to lick your chops on and of course you gotta have your token nude scene from Barbara Crampton, it's an ace in the hole just like the Re-Animator franchise. The story line is also fantastic, which of course anything from a H.P Lovecraft story is going to be amazing if done right and Brian Yuzna and Stuart Gordon always deliver in this department. This is another cult film that's in my favorites vault or maybe im just partial to the 80's cult films because that's what i grew up on but regardless this is a film you definitely do not want to miss out on!

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