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Slayer - Bloodline

Bleeding screams, eternity, mortality...if you think these might be lyrics indicative of a vampire lore you'd be correct. Slayer's hit, BLOODLINE, is included on the Dracula 2000 soundtrack and while that soundtrack has some pretty heavy hitters itself (Pantera, System of a Down, Monster Magnet), Slayer's contribution is one of the 'heaviest' in that we don't get a nice, smooth, soulful medley you would get from a cheesy teen outing. The movie itself tried to go for a nice modern retelling in an early 2000's 'hip' way that most movies of that time period tried to do. 'Bloodline' emphasizes that effort by going all out with an auditory visceral experience. If you missed the movie itself when it was released, time to get acquainted. At the very least, get acquainted with the soundtrack.

Listen here:

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