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SlaughterQue Does Not Disappoint.​

Metal fans everywhere should know about this one-day festival that takes place in Atlanta every year. For 12 hours attendees are assaulted with a wave of guitars and thunder the likes of which you won't see many times in life. Roughly 40 bands play on three stages along with sideshow and burlesque performances on a fourth stage. The only painful thing about the event is choosing which stage to run to and which bands to see! I am sure it takes no stretch of the imagination  to recognize that people say "Can you cram that much metal into that short a time frame?" The answer is "HELL YES!" 

With bands like Krisiun, Kataklysm, The Dead Reckoning, Exhorder, Battlecross, and Exodus all playing on the same day you will need a bucket to catch your melted face in. I was personally impressed with many of the acts I was able to catch. Stoneman and Doomstress foremost among them in my book. Doomstress has lofty harmonies and real chemistry to them. The crowd reaction was strong and positive and the acoustics of the surrounding concrete at that particular stage did not detract from their presentation at all. Stoneman ...what can I say about them to do them justice? They are simply brutal. Its as if a stone giant came down from the hills to bring the thunder. Powerful vocals and tight instrumentation make for a great show with these guys. Battlecross was indoors but you didn't need to go into the building to hear them clearly. Their sound deluged any passers-by to their stage as the music poured from every crack and crevice of the structure to bash its way outside. The Dead Reckoning also put forth a very powerful and engaging set. It was during their time that I was pleasantly surprised to see a pit with old school sensibilities and no karate. You can tell these guys are having a lot of fun when they perform it really shows in their attitude. See them if you can catch them.

"Hey Pop Satellite / Hellfire people, didn't you try any of the barbecue at SlaughterQue?" We would be simpletons not to have tried the tummy rumbling, sweet, sweet smoky barbecue which came in three styles-Chicken, Beef or pork. I opted for the pork and was not disappointed. I was absolutely starving by the time I found my way to that heavenly smoky booth. My stomach was a burning maw seeking to devour the flesh of the dead. . . with a nice vinegar sauce. the food was presented as a complete meal with a couple of choices of sides. This booth was rockin' and rollin' all day and with good reason.

There was more than just music and food here. The center outside stage hosted a clown, sideshow performers Captain and Maybelle and some awesome burlesque acts. There was no way one person could see everything but that means you are entertained and occupied the whole time doesn't it? There were also vendors with varied and sundry wares both fine and frightening which really rounded out the event with something for everyone.

Lastly but not least- the people of the metal scene should get some credit for being some of the most accepting and supportive people anywhere. Despite any naysaying, you may have heard about the metal scene from morons, its really a great place for making friends and meeting people. We got to hang out with Doomstress for a bit and came to know them as some of the gentlest friendliest people. It can be strange to have this positive experience of gentleness from a scene that is painted as mean and scary. Metalheads, for the most part, are intelligent and polite and save the brutality for the stage and the pit and that's the way it has always been since time immemorial. 

As the day slowly waned into the night and our backs ached from the standing and headbanging our hearts were full from the goodwill and camaraderie of our friends both old and new. We said goodbye to Atlanta and this awesome festival for another year. We anxiously await next year and the lovely chaos that is Slaughter Que.