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Feel like cruising down the road in your wheels? Causing mischief on the highways? Jammin'out to tunes? Doing tricks and beating up people with whips? Then look no further than SKITCHIN’! This was a game for the Genesis that’s as badass as it sounds. You cruise from city to city in a race on roller blades…where you can ride on the back of cars, pummel people to get ahead, pick up weapons, do cool stunts, and try to make it in the top 5 so you can advance. Each level has its own kickass unique soundtrack so the beats never get old either. Want to ride alongside the back of a police car? You can do that too! Just be careful you’re not there too long or you’ll get arrested and have to start the level over. Also, be careful not to have any rough landings or failed tricks as your gear will get worn out and will have to fork over the dough to get more. You’ll know you’re having fun when you do a trick and land in the middle of the road and keep getting hit by vehicles over and over again. Also, the graphics are well done; the graffiti in the game was adopted by real graffiti artists supposedly so that adds a layer of realism. For a crazy good time, go Skitchin’ with yourself over a weekend…doing illegal stunts and using stun guns on your opponent while riding along the back of trucks has never been so much fun.


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