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Siouxcie and the Banshees - Peekaboo

80s were a product of their times…Siouxcie and the Banshees no exception. Props to any band out there who kept their unique signature style and sounds throughout their career. While their sound may not be for everyone, those who do connect with them are treated to a combination of soulful, poppy, even some dance-tastic musical beats. Their tune PEEKABOO, besides being one of their more unique hits, fits right at home in the movie Jeepers Creepers where the police are following the siblings and the Creep suddenly appears on top of the police cruiser. It's one of the coolest shots in the movie and allows for a greater appreciation of an 80s hit. If you're not familiar already, give it a spin. If you are, watch in context with the film're welcome.

Listen here: (song)

View here: film clip)

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