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What’s crazier then your weird 80s slasher with all the elements of that timeless period? A gloriously trashy sequel to a classic slasher that, although might be much of the exact same movie, still holds up somehow. SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 2 is the story of Ricky, the brother of the killer in the original film. This film is notorious for a few reasons; the main probably being that literally half of the movie is footage of the first one in that Ricky is in an institution telling the story to a psychiatrist of what happened in the original film and how his actions landed him there, and the audience is treated to footage flashbacks of those exact scenes. While many sequels do use some flashbacks to get the audience back on board or get folks new to the franchise caught up to speed, never has literally half of the movie’s run time been dedicated to these scenes. Regardless, when we do focus on present day, good ole Ricky escapes and heads to do some finished business that Billy from the first film couldn’t do. If you can make it through all those flashback scenes, you’ll be treated to the equally as glorious ‘trash’ scene and iconic catch phrase ‘Garbage Day’ that has been instilled in horror fans minds all these years. Also leaves one thinking, would it realllllly have been that hard to include just a few more new scenes so this at least feels like a mostly new flick? Nonetheless, if you enjoy a good holiday horror themed outing, check this one out for its absurd plot and more absurd execution of flashbacks. In the words of the immortal Venkman, "there's something you don't see everyday."



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