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Sick Trinity - The Devil The Demon & The Disciple

I just checked out "The Devil The Demon & The Disciple", the new album by Sick Trinity. Right off the bat, this album is killer. The introduction draws you right in with the deep creepy voice, the secular chanting, and soft whispers of "six six six". Definitely one of the most epic intros to an album I've ever heard. It then goes into a kind of creepy and atmospheric horror themed hiphop album. It's really badass. I like how all the songs tell a story and some of the lyrics are really clever and rhyme. They're really cleverly written. I especially liked "Mirrorz" and "Halloween Sinister Cypher". This album is really cool and I definitely enjoyed it. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Album art from "The Devil The Demon & The Disciple" by Sick Trinity.

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