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Shudder puts out zombie gold

The new Shudder exclusive film Blood Quantum is pure fucking zombie gold! It's worth paying the 4.99 subscription just to watch this movie over and over again. i honestly can not remember when the last true great zombie film was created and put out until now. The story line is something that has never been seen before, based off of native american proverb and stories, definitely the first of its kind that i have ever heard of. There is absolutely no plot holes whatsoever, the acting is fucking spot on. Raw, emotional, intense from beginning to end. Secondly, they definitely spared no expense on doing practical effects, i myself did not see any cgi and if there was, it was so damn good you couldn't tell. Overall this is definitely now one of my favorite movies of all time, definitely the best horror film to come out this year, and i highly suggest that you check this film out. Perfect five star from me, i have absolutely not one bad thing to say about this movie!

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