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Seventh Crystal - Say What You Need To Say

Swedish hard/melodic rock band Seventh Crystal released a new single yesterday titled "Say What You Need To Say". This song comes off their upcoming album "Delirium" that's coming out on May 14th. I really enjoyed this song. It's got a very balanced sound. The vocals, guitars, bass, and drums are all like perfectly balanced. A lot of times one sound it louder than another and really takes center stage, but I feel like this song was very well produced and mixed. I really like the vocals, they're wonderful and the singer's voice is phenomenal. The guitar solo shreds. This song sounds like it came out of the 80's rock scene, but also sounds modern, it's really interesting and I thought that was a really neat thing. I like think this is a great song, and I'm looking forward to whatever else the band will be bringing to the new album. ~Gangis

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