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SCREAM (2022)

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Everyone’s favorite slasher franchise has returned! 25 years later and we are still going strong! Just named SCREAM (to mimic the current ‘Halloween’ reboot branding reboot but very much a direct sequel), we start when there is a ghostface attack and suddenly the town of Woodsboro has to come to grips with whatever secrets are being held. Only giving away what the trailers do, relatives of the original OG characters are involved and all have to come to terms with the new movie rules, or ‘requel’ (reboot and sequel combined) to figure out who is next and why. We get help along the way from the trinity of Scream with Sidney, Gale, and Dewey and neither of the three have missed a beat in reprising their characters. When doing a semi-next generation film, there is that line between introducing who may carry the newer films and potential sequels and also including originals to appease the older fans and also because the originals should belong in the storyline. Though not quite as much screen time as the previous Scream 4, by the end some threads are tied up nicely and unlike the previous outing, there are plenty of references and easter eggs from the other entries to satisfy most hardcore fans. Is it perfect? Not quite. Would I change a few things? Sure (Babadook is referenced. Really? That POS?) But we get characters from the original, Deputy Hicks from part 4, and enough meta-commentary to make this a definitive outing in the Scream universe. Wes would (probably) be proud. Also, kudos for including the iconic song ‘Red Right Hand’ back into this one. Was sorely and mistakenly left out of the last one.

SLASH SCENE: Opening Scene


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