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Scarlet Dorn - Blood Red Bouquet

Alternative/indie rock group Scarlet Dorn released their new album "Blood Red Bouquet" a couple weeks ago. I just got around to listening to it. Their singer has the most gorgeous voice, and I think she really showed how versatile and strong it is in this album. I really how much they utilize the piano, it's really beautifully played. While I enjoyed the whole album, my favorite track has to be "Proud and Strong" ft. Sven Friedrich. It's just so catchy and has such a good beat, and his voice just goes so well with Scarlet Dorn's sound. I also really liked "One Day", it's one of the harder songs on the album, and it's got some great symphonic type sounds. I also really liked the acoustic guitar playing in "Are You Watching Me". This is a great album, I really enjoyed it. ~Gangis

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