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Coming to the end of the franchise, SAW VI picks up with our few surviving reoccurring characters still leftover. For a sixth entry in a franchise, this one actually isn’t bad. In fact, it’s generally seen as one of the better later entries overall. We get a narrative dealing with a man put to the test, related to a Jigsaw incident shown years ago via flashbacks, and is the fallout from an important Insurance decision made all that time ago. Prob the only Saw entry with some sort of socio-political commentary but it’s not heavy handed and actually fits it great with the overall story from all these years…specifically it’s tie to Jigsaw. We get a few surprises along the way and with a couple ‘emotional’ traps too. While we see the main game play out, we also see the leftover main characters take their place for the final stage…including an ending that makes you want to see the conclusion in the future entry. Check this one out…we’re getting close to the end.



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