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SAW V (2008)

If you’ve made it this far in the franchise, you’re undoubtedly a fan and yearning to see what happens next in the story. At the conclusion of our previous outing, we find out hidden motivations behind one of our recurring players and he is at the forefront of this one…along with the good guy on his tail. We get the good cop/bad cop routine of Strahm and Hoffman…with of course another game going on behind the scenes. Jigsaw has long been dead but we are still treated to some flashbacks showing how our main baddie now came onboard. The game that is played out involves 5 strangers in a warehouse who share a bond unbeknownst to them at the time. Each room it seems one person will need to be sacrificed…until the truth comes out. This is the chapter many say the series started going downhill…with after the conclusion of this one having killed off many of the earlier favorites. We seem to just go through the motions with this one, though we do have suspense in the form of the police narrowing down their targets on who is behind the scheme until it may be too late. This one seems like it’s really a setup for what happens in future outings but if you’ve come this far, keep going. I will say both the beginning and ending are stellar…something most entries in this franchise can say only about one or the other. Check it out to show your dedication...that last trap still makes me wince.

SLASH SCENE: The last ‘Saw’ in the room


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