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SAW IV (2007)

In this fourth outing of the franchise, SAW IV continues to throw some wrenches into the overarching story and introduces some new motivations to characters. In this one Officer Rigg, from previous installments, is put to the test and we don’t find out the reason why until the very end. As in previous entries, we have the main game and then the other scenes depicting the side players. In this one we find out a certain character from an earlier entry is indeed alive and Rigg has to rescue him/her before time runs out, in addition to another seemingly trapped victim. Though this is the fourth entry, the timeline is still pretty straightforward and flashbacks do work without too much of a stretch. It’s always nice seeing earlier characters show up and we do get a couple crazy, but not too crazy, traps in this one. Having a conclusion better than the previous entry, this one purports to open up a whole new land of possibilities after we see how it ends, which is one of the better endings in the series. If you’re a fan of the series, this one ranks up there.

SLASH SCENE: The ending ‘trap’


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